Event tracking is the latest feature to come to Pushground allowing you to easily track the on-page events from your campaigns. This will allow you to see things like which sources have the best engagement rates. This allows you to better optimize your campaigns focusing on the areas with higher engagement.

How does it work?

You first must implement our Pixel onto the landing page along with passing the {click_id} macro as a UTM parameter. Once done, the pixel records certain activity from users and passes it back to Pushground allowing you to see the activity within the stats page broken down by dimensions like source, device, and user freshness.

How does it appear?

General speaking, low Content View means lower performance. As an indicator, Content View should be at least 70%. Otherwise it means that a high % of users are not fully loading your landing page, which translates to click loss.

It is possible that you see a Content View higher than 100%, for example, 120%, 150%, etc. This happens when the same user loads the page twice, there is a percentage of non unique visitors that loaded your landing page successfully.

How to implement it?

It takes two simple steps to implement it to start seeing events: add the Pushground pixel to your landing page in the head section and pass the click_id UTM parameter to your landing page. Head to our pixel implementation documentation for more details.

Trackable events

Currently, we only offer one trackable event but we plan on adding more in the future. They are displayed on the stats page as a percentage of the clicks that triggered the event.

  • view_content: This event is triggered when a user lands on your landing page and is able to view your offer. This helps to identify areas with higher misclick rates.

How to use this to optimize your campaigns?

You can use this information to better target and bid for the segments of traffic that engage more with your landing page. You will be able to use this information to create automatic rules like "Pause source with ROI less than -10% and view_content is less than 70%". This feature will increase your visibility on your campaign performance, allowing you to more effectively target profitable sources.

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