Take control of the engagement rate in your campaigns by integrating our new pixel in just 2 minutes.

In order to start capturing engagement metrics you just have to follow these two steps:

· Add the {click_id} macro into your campaign URL:
· Add the following script tag in your campaign’s final destination’s or landing page’s HTML head section:
<script src="https://pg-pixel.com/js/px.js"></script>

This script will be loaded when the landing page is rendered and will automatically look for push click Id in the URL parameters in order to trigger the event callback to our systems.

Important: make sure the {click_id} parameter reaches the final URL.

Why is it useful?

Once we start capturing events information, we will be able to provide new essential information regarding the engagement rate and the behavior of the users after they reach your campaigns’ destination pages. This is very important when optimizing sources and creating automatic rules.

Soon enough you will be able to create audiences with those best-performing visits, so stay tuned!

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