How to set your Bid & Budget

CPC Bid (Push ads): After selecting your geo your bid will automatically be populated with the avg Bid for that geo because the most important factor in determining the right bid is the country you are buying traffic in. Along with that, it also shows the highest bid and the lowest bid for that country at that moment.

If you aren't getting a high enough win rate (<25-40%), we recommend increasing your bid so you end up buying more of the traffic. Be sure to remember that the bid is not the only determinant of a higher win rate, learn more in the article Determinants of a Higher Win Rate.

With CPC bids, it's important to check and change your bids constantly to make sure they are up-to-date. The average price can fluctuate a lot from day to day so check your bids often to make sure you're not over or underbidding. Find out how to automate this using Automatic Rules.

Daily Budget: Set the limit that you want to spend each day. Remember that number is not exact but most estimations. We do our best to hit the mark but especially with push ads, this can be very hard to do. Learn more about Over Spending your Budget.

If you do overspend your budget and your balance becomes negative, don't worry and simply talk to your account manager.

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