There is a possibility that the clicks counted in your tracker are not matching the clicks counted in Pushground platform. For example, your tracker can count 150k clicks and you can see 200k clicks on our stats.

Why is there a click discrepancy?

This happens because every platform is counting the clicks in a different way. This can lead to a click mismatch between the two platforms. Normally you can think that clicks are not matching and therefore you need a refund, but most of the time there’s just an explanation for that, and a low or non-existent fraud rate. Having a click loss between 1%-10% is normal, it can happen due to connectivity issues and pages not loading completely.

How to avoid it?

We strongly suggest using the Content View event, which can be easily implemented by integrating the pixel. In case you have not integrated the pixel yet, there’s no way of knowing if there’s a click mismatch and if there’s actually a discrepancy between the platform and the tracker. By tracking the content view event, you’ll be able to see if the users load the final advertiser url, and therefore be able to blacklist those zones with higher discrepancies.

How are we counting the clicks?

We count clicks every time they cross our gateway, and even if they finally did not arrive into the final user landing page, they are counted in our platform.

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