Pop Ads are finally here!

You've been asking for it and we have listened!

From now on you can start running your Pop-Up campaigns in Pushgroud. In this guide, you'll find everything you need to know to get started.

What are Pop Ads?

They appear in a new browser tab, either over the current page (pop-ups) or below it (popunders). The landing page you're advertising is directly displayed on the user's new tab, and this happens when this user clicks anywhere on the main page.

Pop Ads are easy to implement and cheaper than other formats, so they're a good option for testing your offers.

They come with all targeting options and are available for all devices!

What you need to know

For now, there are 6 GEOs available, all Tier 1: US, JP, GB, FR, AU, DE.

Pop-ups are still on beta testing and that's why we want to narrow the potential GEOs. Eventually, it will be possible to run pops Worldwide!

What's the pricing model?

The pricing model for this new format it's CPC.

What's the minimum CPC?

The minimum CPC is $0,001. In any case, the recommended bid will always appear below the bid selection, and it's different for each GEO.

Why do I see no deliveries?

Deliveries are non existing in Pop Ads, so don't worry if you are not seeing anything. Only bids and clicks are displayed.

Why is my CTR 0%?

Same thing. Because CTR is clicks/deliveries, and there are no deliveries, the system understands that CTR is 0. Unlike other formats, CTR does not apply in Pops.

What works

You can run all verticals on Pop Ads, however, the ones that proved to fit especially well with them are utilities and betting.

How to run Pop Ads

In order to run Pop Ads, you must select the format in "campaign creation".

The campaign setup is easy to implement and all targeting options are available, including the advanced targeting ones.

Get in touch with your account manager for more details!

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