Campaigns temporarily paused due to performance?

Appearing as a yellow pause simple on the main dashboard, you can see when your campaigns have been temporarily paused due to performance. We implemented this feature in order to be more transparent with our bidding process.

If this happens, your campaigns will remain paused for 24h until the next test, even after making any changes to your campaign.

Why this happens?

The first question that everyone has is "Why did this happen?". This happens when your campaign's effectiveness becomes so low that it is no longer becomes competitive enough to compete in the ad auction. The main two causes of this are:

  • Low CTR: Your CTR is one of the principal factors in your ad rank and having a super low CTR can cause your campaign to be dropped from the ad auction.

  • Low CPC bid: Having a below average bid for your targeting could make your ad uncompetitive. This includes all targeting settings, not just the geo, meaning that you might still need a bid that's above the recommended targeting for a specific geo to be able to competitive with the traffic you are bidding for.

How to calculate it?

The campaigns are paused because the RPM (revenue per mile) bid is too low.

RPM = (revenue/bids)*1000

  • where revenue = clicks*CPC

  • bids = opportunities

The RPM is not fix, but dynamic. So it's not the same during all day.

In any case, you can take a 0,0024 RPM bid as a mínimum (it's approximate).

If you see that the RPM bid of your campaign or, for some sources, it's way lower than 0,0024, it means it's not performing good.

Tips to avoid this:

Now how to avoid this from happening? The main ways to avoid this are constantly checking your win rate to ensure that you have a competitive bid and to constantly introduce

  • Bid competitively: Increasing your bid can quickly help improve your ad rank in the auction.

  • Constantly check your win rate: Your win rate is a great indicator of how competitive your ads are. If it starts to drop, take actions to improve it.

  • Continuously optimize your ad creatives: Optimizing and introducing new ad creatives is a great way to boost CTR, which in turn helps to improve your competitiveness.

  • Using macros in your ad creatives: A great way to increase your CTR is to include macros like {city} or {deviceName} in your ad text.

  • Check your supplies: Check your supplies to cut low performing feeds or increase the bid for ones with low win rates. Sometimes a few supplies can represent the vast majority of your traffic and having bad performance on those will affect your entire campaign.

  • Optimize your campaign: Optimizing your campaign targeting to exclude segments with poor performance. Targeting things like the wrong browser language can have a huge impact on overall the CTR of a campaign.

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