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Account Ranks
Account Ranks

Learn about our new account rankings

Written by Maria Tsibranska
Updated over a week ago

We are introducing new account tiers in our platform to give extra rewards to the advertisers that spend more on our platform. It is visible in the top right corner of the page next to your account name and in the account menu.

How it works

The different account ranks are based on monthly spend. If you spend enough to reach the next ranks, you will be immediately upgraded and be at that rank for the next month. The ranks are as follows:

If at the end of the month you were not able to reach your rank from the previous month, you will be downgraded to your current rank.

Instant upgrades

If you deposit $500, $5,000, or $15,000 in one top-up you will be instantly upgraded to that rank for the current and next month.

How to find your rank

You can find all information about your current and next rank at the top of the account drop down menu.

Rank Rewards

With the new account ranks, we will are able to give extra rewards and benefits to the advertisers that spend more on our platform. The rewards will be as follows.


  • Self-service platform: Get full access to our traffic and immediately start running campaigns.

  • API Access: Integrate directly to our platform using the Pushground API.

  • Promotions: Get limited access to exclusive offers and promotions.

  • Onboarding Manager: Get personal help from an onboarding manager about how to get started with our platform.


  • Exclusive promotions: Get access to rank specific deals and promotions.

  • Person account manager: Receive a dedicated account manager to help offer expertise and advice for your specific campaigns.

  • On-demand whitelist: Get campaign specific whitelist from your account manager.

  • In-depth traffic insights: Get exclusive access to our traffic insight report to help find new opportunities and better optimize your bid.

  • 4 Decimal bids: Bid more accurately with 4 decimal places instead of just 3.


  • Account audits: Receive monthly account audits that show how to improve performance.

  • Pay with PayPal: This payment method is under demand and only for mainstream traffic.

  • Priority campaign moderation: Have priority over other campaigns in the moderation wait.

  • Unlock budget allocation: Disable the budget allocation campaign limit.

  • Early access to New Features: Be the first to test out Pushground's latest features.

  • Multi-country campaigns: Target multiple countries within the same campaign.

  • Traffic priority on the same bid: Have priority in the ad auction over other campaigns with the same bid.


  • Access to credit lines: Pay at the end of the month instead of through upfront pre-payments.

  • Full Managed service: Have your campaigns be fully managed by our account managers.

  • On-demand creative designs: Get custom created ad creatives for your campaigns.

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