How to target

Country: The most important part of the targeting. Despite some requests, you are only allowed to target one country (Geo) with each campaign. The country is the most important part of determining the Bid.

State/City: Include or exclude cities or states within the selected country. State targeting is only available for selected countries.

Languages: If you want to target only English speakers in a country select include English by default all languages are selected.

Device/OS/Network type/Carrier: This is normally dictated by the type of offer. This allows you targeting options like only mobile or exclude wifi if that is that is what is needed by the offer.

Advanced Targeting

Android Browsers/ Android versions/Device names: Often used to narrow down the targeting to increase ROI.

Active Hours in a Week: Select the hours that make sense to your offer.

IP White List: Only IPv4 address or valid IPv4 CIDR separated by a comma.

**Checkout How to Optimize for any further help.**

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