How to successfully create creativities

Push Ads

**Please refer to the Creative Specifications and Creative Restrictions to ensure your ad is properly formatted and will run without problems.**

Variations: You can create up to 10 different creatives. We recommend that you make at least 3 to compare their performances and replace or change them every 3-5 days.

Icon: One of the most important factors of the CTR. Click the icon box to upload your image. The size should be a 1:1 ratio, 192x192px to 500 X 500 px max. If it is too large you can resize it using our built-in image resizer.

Title & Description: The title and the description may not be as important as the icon but they should not be overlooked. The title and description are very easy to test and a simple change could help increase your ROI up to 40%. Don't forget to use emojis to get some extra attention 😉. You can also use the macros Device Name and City to make your message appear more personal.

Big Image: A 2:1 Image that appears immediately on desktop push ads and on mobile if the user swipes up on the ad.

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