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Basic Info & Tracking
Basic Info & Tracking
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How to complete the Basic Info & Tracking

Campaign Name: Don't overthink this one. We recommend that you create a name that includes GEO - Offer - Targeting - Payout. This will make it easier for you to test and stay organized with many campaigns.

Tracking URL: This this the destination URL after someone clicks on your ad. It's called the tracking URL because normally you send it to your tracker and from there it is redirected to your offer. (If you don't have a tracker set up, you probably should.)

  • Macros: Be sure to include macros in your tracking URL to record things like supply id, site id, user age, and more. All the available macros are shown below. If you don't know about Macros or want to learn more, check out our Macros Article.

Conversion Tracking Postback: This is one of the most important and possibly most complicated parts of your campaign. This is the link that you must fire after a conversion so that we know the conversion happened. This must be done for us to report campaign stats, auto-optimize, and use rule-based optimization. The 2 macros that should be used are Click Id so we know which click gave you the conversion and the payout so we can calculate the ROI of your campaign.

Labels: Get organized with labels. You don't need to use them but we made them so you can easily keep track of your campaigns by grouping them. For example, you could use the label [US] to keep track of all your campaigns in the United States and quickly finding them in your campaigns by filtering with that label [US]. Each campaign can have as many different labels as you would like.

Category: This helps tell us what kind of campaign you have so we can better assist you and make sure you are getting the best kind of traffic for your vertical.

Traffic Type: Select between the Mainstream or Adult traffic. This could be very important due to what you are trying to promote. If you are at all concerned about brand safety or are promoting a mainstream only offer, be sure to remove adult traffic. If you are promoting a dating offer, you may want to select adult only based on results. We recommend you test the differences in performance between mainstream and adult for your campaigns but in general e-commerce and financial offer do better on mainstream and dating offers do better on adult.

If you select dating adult under categories, you will only be able to run on adult traffic.

Mainstream traffic represents 90% of our traffic whereas adult makes up the other 10%. The creative moderation is stricter on mainstream and more lenient on adult.

**After you create your campaign, you will not be able to change the traffic type**

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