Our minimum refund amount is $50

Written by Maria Tsibranska
Updated over a week ago

If you are at all unsatisfied with our traffic, you can always ask for a refund for any unused prepayment left in your account. Because of transfer costs, we have implemented a minimum refundable amount of $50

Discrepancy-related refunds

When is it possible ask for a refund?

In case you detected some unusual or suspicious activity in a certain campaign, it's possible to ask your account manager for a total or parcial refund of your spend. Before doing it, please make sure to check the requirements listed below.

  • CTR is higher than 15% and spend is higher than $50. Refund is possible

  • Fraud rate is higher than 20% and spend is higher than $50. Refund is possible.

  • Overspend is higher than 50%, partial refund is possible.

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