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Whitelists and Blacklists
Whitelists and Blacklists

What are whitelists and Blacklists and how to use them.

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What are Whitelists and Blacklists?

Let's start with Blacklist (you should too). They are a list of ether sites or supplies that you exclude from your campaign.  Whitelists are the opposite, a list of ether sites or supplies that you want to exclusively get traffic from.  

If you are confused about Site ID and supply go to the Site & Supply ID help doc.

Because not all sources are the same, you will probably find that some work better with your campaigns than others.  Creating a blacklist is a good way to continuously refine the traffic to your campaigns.  To implement whitelists and blacklist head to the Create Campaigns page and find it under targeting. 

Tips & Recommendations:

  • Always keep track of the sources that continuously underperform the rest.  

  • It is hard to no after how long to wait before blacklisting a source, but we recommend a minimum of 1-3 days or until you have spent around 2-3 times the payout of your offer. We also recommend that you use blacklist before whitelist because whitelist will greatly reduce the amount of supply to your campaigns. 

  • Be sure to create and use different black/whitelists if you change the verticals of your offers.

Checkout How to Optimize for any further help.

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