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Available Targeting Options
Available Targeting Options
Written by Maria Tsibranska
Updated over a week ago

Pushground prides itself on offering the fullest range of targeting options on the market to help you reach the best and most profitable audience for your campaigns. The first thing you need to do when creating a campaign is choosing the format, and the targeting options will depend on which one you select.

Targeting options

  • Country

  • Network type

  • Carrier

  • Device type

  • Operating system

  • User freshness

  • Browser type

  • Android versions

  • iOS versions

  • Region

  • Cities 

  • Language

  • Device Name

  • Day 

  • Hour

  • IP frequency (how many times you deliver your ad to the same IP)

  • Supply ID

  • Site ID (Supply ID-Source ID)

Whitelist and blacklist options

  • Supply ID

  • Site ID (Supply ID-Source ID)

  • IP source

Traffic type options

  • Mainstream/Adult

  • To start / To scale

  • Accelerated / Smooth traffic distribution

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