Prohibited Products and Services

  • Explicit content or Pornography
  • Sex products
  • Offensive or hateful Content
  • Sale of illegal goods or substances
  • Illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco 
  • Malware, phishing, or other malicious software
  • Fraudulent technical support 
  • Auto-downloading software
  • Promotion of politicians or celebrities without their consent 
  • Imitation of large corporate entities 

Prohibited Image Content

  • Nudity (full or partial)
  • Sexual images including Intercourse, genitals, masturbation, and sexual toys
  • Provoking or shocking images
  • Weapons
  • Graphic content including violence, gore or death
  • Trademark infringement including brands and logos
  • Phishing offers
  • Fraudulent images of system or site warnings
  • Politically, religiously, or culturally offensive content
  • Images of celebrities or politicians without their consent 
  • Visual imitation of large corporate entities 

Prohibited Text Content

  • Provocative or sexual language
  • Offensive, aggressive or violent language
  • Text imitating system or site warnings
  • Fraudulent technical support messages
  • Phishing messages
  • Fraudulent messages from postal services
  • Fraudulent political messages
  • Names and messages from celebrities or politicians without their consent
  • Imitation of large corporate entities
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