iOS Push is here!

We are excited to introduce another new format Calendar Push exclusively for iOS devices. In this guide, we will break down everything you need to know to get started with the new format.

What is calendar push?

How it works

This new format allows you to send push notifications ads to iOS devices via the Calendar application. Similar to web push (regular push), it uses a subscription-based model where uses are first prompted by a calendar opt-in subscription. Once a user subscribes he is then eligible to receive calendar push ads. Once you send an ad it will appear as an upcoming event on the user's calendar. The user will be alert of the new event in a push notification after you send the ad and subsequently as the event gets closer.

How it appears

The ad appears as a calendar event with only a title showing. Once you click on the ad it will take you to the calendar event where your URL will be available. You will also be able to add a small description to the add as a note. Once the user clicks on the URL they will be taken to your landing page.

What you need to know

90% iOS users

The audience from this format is almost only iOS users or iPhone users. This means that the available audience generally has a lot more disposable income.

No recorded deliveries

Because there is no image load, there is no pixel that is recorded when a user receives the ad. The result is that only clicks can be recorded and deliveries will always appear 0.

Longer intervals between clicks and deliveries

Because the ad appears as an upcoming event, users can click on it anytime before during, or after the event. This means that you can sometimes receive clicks up to three days after the original delivery. Anything after 72 hours, you would not be charged for the click.

Higher risks of overspends

Because of the longer intervals between clicks and deliveries, there is a greater risk of budget overspends. With clicks coming up to 3 days after the ad delivery, it's difficult to precisely estimate how much you will spend. As we get more data on this new ad format we will be able to minimize these overspends but until then, it's possible that you spend up to 200-300% of your daily budget.

Fast Landing pages

Just as with push ads, calendar push performs much better with fast-loading landing pages. Furthermore, we recommend optimizing landing pages for iOS devices like iPhones which have Safari as their default browser.

No need to surf the net

Just like push ads, calendar push ads get sent directly to users' devices regardless of if they are browsing the internet or not. Because of this, calendar push has tremendous reach when compared to formats like in-page push that are only shown when a user visits a particular website.

Importance of the title

Because there is no icon or image, the title and description are much more important. You can still use emojis to bring more attention to your ad and to boost the CTR.

Lowest CPAs for iOS

So far, calendar push has given us the lowest CPA for iOS traffic. This new attention-grabbing format pulls more interest from iOS users compared to other formats, resulting in higher CRs and lower CPAs.

What works

Because the format is still very new, there is a lot to still be tested on it but so far we are already seeing a lot of success. Because iOS users generally have more disposable income, more expensive offers, and leads work well. Additional iOS traffic is more available in tier-1 and tier-2 countries. Here is a list of the types of offers that have had the best results.

  • iOS apps downloads

  • Anti-virus

  • VPNs

  • Financial

  • Crypto

  • Gambling

How to run calendar push ads

To run calendar push ads, you must select Calendar Push Ads from the format section

*Please note all the above feeds are located in the to scale grouping*

Calendar push feeds

  • 746

  • 856

  • 994

  • 1190

  • 1302

  • 1392

  • 1465

  • 1469

  • 1703

  • 1765

Contact your account manager for more details and if you would like to start testing our new calendar push.

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