Coronavirus’ Effect on Push.

In the last few months, our world has been dismantled but the COVID-19 outbreak with most of the world being put on lockdown to stop its spread. We, in Barcelona, have been in lockdown for a month now while for others It is just starting, but there is some light at the end of the tunnel with China starting to return to normal life as lockdowns get lifted.

As marketers, we are all wondering what effect this will have on the market and what effect it will have on our campaigns. To help answer your questions we have provided some traffic insights on how COVID-19 and this global lockdown have affected Push.

What’s Up

-Adult Dating - We have seen the biggest surge in Adult Dating with everyone still trying to have some lockdown love.

-Mobile Apps and Games- People are having a lot of extra free time on their hands and because of it, they are on their phones more.

-New and entertainment- It seems that more people are looking for entertaining distractions from the world’s current chaos.

-Online Gambling- More time at home and a desire for some extra cash = increase in online gambling.

What’s Down

-Travel- No surprise here but travel has plummeted with all the current travel restrictions.

-Betting- With most of the sports industries closed betting has been all but stopped.

What to Expect

-Travel - As china starts to let down their lockdowns, they have seen a huge boost in tourism as people want to get back out to the world after being locked down for so long. Once the rest of the countries start to follow, more people will be wanting to make up for all the time they spent indoors.

-Finance - As we start heading into a global recession from this lockdown, people will be looking for more financial solutions especially if they have been out of work for the past few months.

-Crypto- This recent market volatility could create a lot more success stories of people making money from the crypto market and with the addition of the oncoming recession people may be more inclined to invest in the cyber currencies.

We hope everyone is staying safe during this chaotic time. This time in lockdown doesn’t have to be all bad and we would like to encourage you to use this time to improve your marketing knowledge base, focusing more on your campaigns and testing out new things.

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