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Comprehensive list of everything you should be doing

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We have created this list of tips and best practices that will help anyone from the novice beginner to the experienced veteran.

  • Spend fast, optimize faster

  • Make the most of our helpful account managers. Their sole job is to help you make money.

  •  Differentiate your campaigns based on device (desktop, mobile, tablet). Bids, CTR and performance can be different.

  • Using prelanders can make a huge difference in your results.  When possible use them.

  • You don't always have to translate into the local language. Try using English as well in areas like the Middle East, North Africa and some European countries.

  • Use 3-5 creatives per campaign. It allows you to perform A/B testing and your campaigns will live longer.

  • Blacklist before you whitelist to avoid over restricting your traffic

  • Some carriers outperform others. Separate your campaigns based on carriers then cut out the underperforming carriers.

  • Test multiple offers in a chosen vertical.

  • Test multiple landing pages with different angles and strategies.

  • Make sure you are bidding enough to win at least 40% of the traffic.

  • Focus mainly on the icon and the headline. Different variations of them can have noticeably different results

  • Make sure your ads are consistent (colors, styles, and information) and that your ads match your landing page and prelander and offer.

  • Try out different verticals (top verticals: crypto, dating, gambling, sweepstakes, nutra...).

  • Make your ads believable, ask yourself if it is something you would click on.

  • Ensure your images and landers load quickly (Use, or to check your landers performance).

  • If you are struggling to produce winning ads, spy tools can be a good source of inspiration.

  • Using emojis in the title can increase your CTR

  • Localize your ads, prelanders, and landing pages with correct translations and names from the area (sometimes this means translating to the specific dialect of an area

  • Get real human translations, and are good and cheap ways to find translations.

  • Watch the bid as it changes quickly and within an hour you could be excessively overbidding or underbidding.

  • Try and scale winning campaigns across different GEOs.

  • Don't be afraid to spend money. It takes money to make money in this industry

  • Avoid using shared hosting for your landers.

  • Keep your head up through the highs and low. Push is a very volatile industry and everyone has their ups and downs

  • Always double check that your image is inline with our Image specifications.

  • Don't be afraid to increase your spend with Tier 1 Geos and High payout offers.

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